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How To Sign-up Your Child for Virtually Together Camp

Call to Sign-up

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
(519) 830 – 7581

E-Mail to Sign-up


Choose the activities you’d like! Our sessions run Monday to Friday.


Call, E-Mail, or fill out our form to sign-up your child.


Our Camp Coordinator will contact you to arrange payment and answer any of your questions.

Sign-up Today!

Activities are 5 for $75 or $20 each.

Please select the activities and dates you would like. For $75 you can pick any 5 activities and dates, or you can select one activity for $20*. 

Wellness Activities are FREE!

Mood Booster Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays: you may wonder what’s better than free? It’s a session with our amazing wellness coordinators at the Virtually Together Camp!

The More The Merrier Discount!

Sign-up for activities as a group and save!

For these packages your child will receive, 5 personalized and interactive classes with a camp leader in the selected activities. They will have a blast with their friends and make new ones along the way! Take a 45-minute break and enjoy what you love doing as we will keep your child engaged in any of our six activities.

Upon signing up with 2 or more people, we ask that you provide us with the name of the friend(s) in the group and an email of the parent/guardian. Indicate this in the “Additional Comments” section of the below form or give us a call. These two items are required due to invoicing each parent/guardian for their reduced prices and ensuring the proper people are in each session. Please note: these group prices are for groups signing up for the SAME activities.

2 people – $130 ( $65 / each)
3 people – $180 ( $60 / each)
4 people – $220 ( $55 / each)
5 people – $250 ( $50 / each)

*Please note: above pricing DOES NOT  include Singing Sessions. Singing Sessions are one-on-one and $25 per session.

Sign-up Today!

Sign-up Form

Other than Singing activities, all activities are small group sessions with 5-8 kids. Please select the activities and dates you would like. Upon receiving your selections, on a first-come-first-serve basis, our Camp Coordinator will slot your child into their activities and contact you for payment. Note: All our activities run Eastern Standard Time (EST).


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Dear Parents,

we want to give you  an affordable option for your kids to be actively engaged in a personalized, accountable and fun activity throughout the week.


Engage. Create. Enjoy.

Virtually Togther Camp

Young adults providing virtual camps for kids.