All of our activities are run on a day-to-day basis, meaning your child can jump into any activity on any day of the week and not miss a thing! We want to make sure your child can experience multiple activities and not feel left out if they join an activity later in the week.

We are so excited!

We really hope you enjoy reading about what we are so excited to offer your child. If you would like to learn more, have questions or concerns please do not hesitate and contact us. If you don’t see an activity you wish was offered? Don’t worry! Send your idea or inquiries to and we will see what we can do!




Below is a short description of each of our activities offered at Virtually Together Camp.


Do you want to make easy, fun and amazing looking arts and crafts?

In this session, Sydney will be running our campers through activities such as painting rocks, watercolour painting, drawing, and so much more!

All of these art activities will be totally accessible for your child from home, we will contact you with a list of necessary materials for a week with Sydney!

Here are some photos of the art Sydney enjoys doing on her own time!

Not currently running sessions.

Camp Leader: Sydney Klassen



Reagan and Sarah will teach jazz technique, hip hop foundations, and musical theatre. The class will be based on the skill level of the kids that are in the class each day, and modifications will be given to make it easier or more challenging for each individual person. They will also teach short combinations to help the kids understand rhythm and what it is like to work with music.

Reagan and Sarah will be running dance sessions on different days of the week so depending on when you join us, you will have the pleasure of meeting both of them!

You don’t need anything other than a space to dance to join this super engaging session, we look forward to having you!

Not currently running sessions.

Camp Leaders: Reagan Jacobs and Sarah Holman



Let’s shoot, and score together!

Jake is excited to run a week full of at home, fun and skillful hockey sessions! Whether you are in your basement, garage, driveway, or virtually anywhere else this activity will be engaging for your child. Campers will be engaged with hockey’s most exciting and important skills including, stick handling, shooting, and other fun hockey challenges!

All you will need is a hockey stick, a ball or puck, and a great attitude!

Not currently running sessions. 

Camp Leader: Jake Code



A magician never reveals his tricks, right?

Well, you will learn all of the tricks and amazement in-depth in this session we offer. We are very proud to provide the easiest and most exciting card tricks for your child.

Michael has been practicing the art of magical amazement for years and he is excited to offer his expertise in an accessible and engaging way! Each session throughout the week will incorporate activities to engage with basic sleight of hand techniques, shuffling cards, cutting cards and other deceptive techniques to learn amazing card tricks. All your child will need is simply a deck of cards and join our session!

Let’s all discover the wonders of magic together this week!

Not currently running sessions. 

Camp Leader: Michael Green




You may wonder what’s better than free? It’s a session with these amazing wellness coordinators at the Virtually Together Camp!

These will be weekly sessions running on Monday to provide your child with a boost of energy, confidence, and happiness! The sessions will engage in fun games, brain busters, body breaks and everything your child needs to stay happy and healthy during the summer! You can sign up today and meet new friends every week. We cannot wait to see you at Mood Booster Mondays!

Mondays, EST, 2:00 p.m – 2:45 p.m 

Wellness Coordinators Co-Leading sessions: Sophie Neumann and Robyn Haas



Let’s sing and enjoy the fun of music together this week!

Aveleigh is going to provide a catered session for your child’s favourite songs and type of music during these one-on-one activities!

If you’re just interested in singing, if you are an expert singer or anywhere in between, we can’t wait to meet you!

Aveleigh will have multiple songs, styles and options ready to go for every session she has with your child so that your child can get the most enjoyment out of every session!

Not currently running sessions.

Camp Leader: Aveleigh Keller



Fun, easy, mess-free, at-home science experiments that will blow your mind are here this week!

Genevieve’s passion and love for camp are going to make these science experiments all the more fun. She cannot wait to show you all the easy and engaging ways simple science can make your week awesome! You don’t need to know anything about science to join this session, we will bring fun and enjoyment for everyone! Basic and safe experiments will be done every day with simple ingredients and objects.

In this activity, we will be sure to send you a list of all the items you may need for a week of fun with Genevieve so that you will be ready to go every session!

We can’t wait to see you this week!

Not currently running sessions. 

Camp Leader: Genevieve Sutherns



Another FREE wellness session is now available!

Every Wednesday our amazing Wellness Coordinator, Sara, will be running a hands on and engaging session to help to create fun and easy strategies to increase and sustain personal wellness. Through games and discussions these free sessions will be 45 minutes you won’t want to miss out on every week! We can’t wait to see you at Wellness Wednesdays!

Not currently running sessions. 

Camp Leader: Sara Kafashan


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