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From Our Founders

“Hello everyone! We are Evan and Aden, the founders of Virtually Together Kids Camp. We are both students of university and college. We have both previously worked at kids summer camps and thought of starting our own after most summer camps have been cancelled.

We grew up together playing hockey and soccer since we were 9 years old and we understand the importance of play, camaraderie, and learning new skills. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us an appreciation for the skills and activities we take for granted, and we want to offer a means by which those skills and activities can continue in a safe, affordable, and fun way.

This camp will provide kids with learning, friendship and fun, and giving parents time to relax. Thank you for visiting our site and supporting this effort!”

РAden & Evan 

Our Philosophy

Respect, Integrity, and Honesty

We believe in treating all consumers, employees, and community members with respect, in creating an environment consisting of a high level of integrity, honesty and consideration for those involved in our goals.


Engage. Create. Enjoy.

Virtually Togther Camp

Young adults providing virtual camps for kids.